TCO and GORE-TEX Brand launch 'Breaking Trails' global video series

Breaking Trails is our new brand platform for GORE-TEX that follows pairs of inspiring individuals as they forge paths and form connections in the outdoors.

Spotlighting pioneers from around the world, Breaking Trails tells the story of those who are breaking barriers and pushing for a more inclusive and respectful future in the outdoors. Each episode sees two remarkable life journeys intersect on a trail, where an intrepid duo learn from each other’s experiences and find common ground despite their superficial differences. 

Marc Bock, Global Content Leader for the GORE-TEX Brand says: “We are really proud of this series which we believe encapsulates the GORE-TEX brand mission of Going Further, Together, challenging preconceptions to redefine what the outdoors is and who it’s for. It was brilliant to work with TCO London to bring this vision to life.”

The first episode ‘The Blind Ascent’ features world-class mountaineer Tamara Lunger and record-breaking blind climber Jesse Dufton who embark on an ice climb, ascending Norway’s iconic Gausta Falls, building trust and security with every step. Jesse’s identity has been shaped by the monumental obstacle of progressively going blind, while Tamara's history as an alpinist with zero limits was shattered by a tragedy on K2, which led her to re-imagining life beyond peaks, while questioning what it means to be a woman and
an athlete. 

The second episode, ‘China’s Hidden Paths’, features Yao Miao one of the most exciting trail runners in the world, whose life was transformed by the outdoors, alongside Ranger Li, a dedicated conservation ranger who is leading the fight to protect the forest in Sichuan Province and the wild panda’s that call it home. In this film, we see their love of the outdoors become a point of connection during a hike and trail run through Wanglang National Park, Sichuan.

The third episode ‘Lessons from the Land’ features mountain runner Adam Campbell and pro snowboarder Sandy Ward. Adam is a trailblazer in the mental health space, world-class ultramarathon runner and ski-mountaineer, as well as a lawyer who works in environmental protection. Sandy is a member of the Lil'wat Nation and the founder of Indigenous Women Outdoors, where she focuses on bringing more first nations people to snow sports. Together the two of them share their stories of transformation and reflect on their experiences side-by-side whilst ski-touring through the Pemberton backcountry.

Simon Baker, Managing Director of TCO London says: “Breaking Trails perfectly combines our roots in the outdoors with our agency-publisher approach of using real stories from real people, to create a powerful series that grapples with stories of connection, community, nature and mental health.”

Breaking Trails is also an opportunity to demonstrate the GORE-TEX Brand’s commitment to the outdoors, with support given to organisations and communities close to the hearts of talent who feature in the series:

  • Episode 1: Tamara has chosen to help fund a climbing programme that aims to help young women and girls in Ecuador get into climbing. Jesse has chosen to work with Mend Our Mountains, an organization set up by the British Mountaineering Council that protects some of the UK's best-loved landscapes
  • Episode 2: Ranger Li, is supporting the Shan Shui Conservation Center, an NGO dedicated to protecting endangered species and ecosystems. Yao Miao has chosen to support the Small Drops Environmental Protection Centre in Shenzhen, Luohu District, which empowers people to participate in protecting nature.
  • Episode 3: Sandy Ward, is working with the Indigenous Life Sport Academy, a non-profit working to empower indigenous youth through sports. While, Adam Campbell has chosen to support Mountain Muskox, a peer support group for people who have suffered loss or trauma in the mountains.​​
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