Reebok partner with Huck to produce global ‘Nano Adventures’ campaign

Global Sportswear Brand Reebok today launched a global campaign and media partnership for the new Nano X1 Adventure shoe.

Titled ‘Nano Adventures’, it champions the newfound relationship consumers have built with the outdoors during lockdown, encouraging them to continue enjoying exercise in the natural world due to the benefits that it can have on their bodies and minds.

The ‘Nano Adventures’ campaign, produced by independent culture bible Huck and its creative studio, TCO London, shares the stories of runner, cyclist and fashion buyer Lewis Bloyce, and yoga teacher Rachel Walsh – two young people who found solace in nature during the height of lockdown. Each character’s story explores the joy that comes with seeking out adventures in local natural spaces, an ethos that serves as a key part of the Nano X1 Adventure’s identity.

It comes at a time when the importance of outdoor exercise cannot be overstated. Three quarters of home-based workers exercised outdoors during the pandemic, according to research by the Office of National Statistics, with 50 per cent of those visiting a local park or green space to do so.

Moreover, 46 per cent of people questioned by Natural England in July 2020 said they were spending more time outside than before the pandemic, stats which were backed up by Google Mobility Data.

The campaign is being activated across Reebok’s global channels, as well as through a Huck editorial media partnership in the UK. Alongside a three-minute film directed by Hendrick Faller, the campaign is supported by six ‘nanofilms’  These are unique, self-contained stories, that total at 15 seconds each, designed to play on the notion of short attention spans in the digital age.

The Nano X1 Adventure builds on the design of the Nano X1 training shoe that launched earlier in 2021, with additions that help further support outdoor fitness and exploration, including an updated rubber lug outsole, antimicrobial lining and a lace-lock harness.  

Lucy Denver, Head of Brand Communications, Reebok UK: “Regardless of where you live, city or countryside, there are adventures right on your doorstep. Moving your body has such a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. The Nano X1 Adventure is the perfect shoe to help you get outdoors and keep moving.”

Simon Baker, Managing Director, TCO London: “In helping people to see the world through the lens of a Nano Adventure, we are driving the idea of opportunity for exercise being everywhere, that your body and mind can benefit even if you think you are limited by time or your environment.”

Read more from Huck here.

Production credits

Director - Hendrik Faller
Editor - Rachel Goldsworthy
Creative Director - Andrea Kurland
Huck Editorial Lead - Niall Flynn
Senior Producer - Josh Hillman
Producer - Chloe Smith, Andrew Patrick
Production Manager - Victoria Brazier, Izzie Dowden
Director of Photography - Josh Fry
Photographer - Liz Seabrook
Camera Assistant - Rich Bertenshaw
Runner - Amy Keane
VFX - Rachel Goldsworthy
Sound Mix - Rob Taliesin Owen
Colourist - Jonny Thorpe
Colour assist - Daniela Rotaru
TCO Managing Director - Simon Baker
TCO Account Manager - Tom Ledson
Client Commissioners - Reebok
Lucy Denver, Head of Brand Communications, Reebok UK
Jonny Kidd, Brand Director, Reebok, North Europe
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