The Body Shop partners with Channel 4 & TCO to the brands first Christmas TV campaign

Unseen Kingdoms is a 60 second TV advert and content series created and produced by TCO London for The Body Shop and Channel 4 to highlight the growing number of homeless young women in the UK.

Last year 110,000 young people were affected by homelessness in the UK, and this Christmas the brand is supporting End Youth Homelessness.

The Body Shop’s first Christmas TV campaign debuts simultaneously across Channel 4 and E4 with a 60 second ad and is supported by a two-part social series.

Last year, 110,000 young people were affected by homelessness in the UK. But what does it mean to be young and homeless - to find yourself adrift as you’re coming of age? Unseen Kingdoms explores the impact homelessness has on young women. The series is co-directed by Huck’s Editor In-Chief Andrea Kurland and Daisy-May Hudson, who has previously experienced homelessness.

In London and Bristol, we meet two young women, Jamie and Danni, who both became homeless in their late teens. They are ready to share their stories - in their own words, and on their own terms, for the first time. To help them do that, they’ve each teamed up with rising talents from the spoken-word poetry world,  Chloë Florence and Rasheeda Page-Muir. Together, each pair will transport us to their unseen inner-world, breaking through the stigma and shame associated with hidden homelessness.

Sarah O'Kane, Head of Partnerships, TCO London:

“TCO is incredibly proud to have worked with 4Studios and The Body Shop to bring these urgent and important stories to life. By pairing Jamie and Danni with poets Rasheeda Paige-Muir and Chloe Florence we were able to share the often untold story of hidden homelessness and how easy it is to slip through the cracks. TCO prides itself on telling inspirational stories of change – Unseen Kingdoms is a series that we hope will inspire all of us to think about homelessness differently."

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It has been a tough and turbulent year for many, especially for those without the safety and comfort of a home. The Body Shop is proud to be working with End Youth Homelessness this Christmas and help raise vital funds to support vulnerable young women find a safe and secure place to call home. Many women who experience or are at risk of being homeless can often find themselves hidden and their voices unheard, so it's been wonderful working with Channel 4 whose vision and platform has helped bring these tough stories to the fore in a powerful, thought-provoking and uplifting way.

Linda Campbell
UK and ROI Managing Director
The Body Shop
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