Unseen Kingdoms wins Commercial Campaign of the Year Award at the Drum Awards Awards for Online Media

Unseen Kingdoms, a content series created and produced by TCO for 4Studio and The Body Shop explores the impact homelessness has on young women, using spoken-word poetry as a storytelling tool. The campaign also featured The Body Shop’s first-ever Christmas TV ad campaign.

This collaboration led to incredible results for the brand: the social series attracted over 2m views and 22,000 engagements. It also made a real connection with viewers with the video‘s comments section brimming with people sharing personal stories of their own experience of homelessness.

The series, was commissioned to highlight The Body Shop’s Christmas partnership with End Youth Homelessness, was co-directed by TCO’s Creative Director Andrea Kurland and Daisy-May Hudson, BAFTA nominated director whose feature-length documentary Halfway told the story of her own experience of hidden homelessness.

Unseen Kingdoms centres on two incredible young women Jamie and Danni, who both became homeless in their late teens. Their stories were ones of courage and inspiration and we wanted to tell them in a unique, compelling and thought provoking way. To do that, we teamed both women up with rising talents from the spoken-word poetry world,  Chloë Florence and Rasheeda Page-Muir. Together, each pair transported us to their unseen inner-world, breaking through the stigma and unwarranted shame associated with hidden homelessness.

Check out The Body Shop here.
Check out The Drum here.

TCO Credits

Production Company: TCO London
Creative Director - Andrea Kurland, Head of Editorial, TCO London
Head of Partnerships - Sarah O’Kane, TCO London
Directors - Andrea Kurland and Daisy May-Hudson
Executive Producer - Josh Hillman, Senior Producer, TCO London
Producer- Helen Morley
DOP - Simona Susnea
Editor - Hendrik Faller, Head of Film, TCO London

The messaging was compelling, focused on female homelessness and hygiene poverty – both very important issues. The work was shot and edited beautifully, the storytelling was unique. Focused on strong, empowered women, it was both engaging and emotional.

Drum Judges
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