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London, 15th January 2024 – Sandwich magazine, the award-winning indie food and culture title that sees the world through the lens of a sandwich, has launched its eighth issue, The Chef’s Special edition, with Gordon Ramsay as the Guest Editor. 

Inspired by the infamous meme he created on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and shot in the kitchen of his Los Angeles home by Brian Bowen Smith, this special edition Sandwich cover sees Gordon Ramsay ‘Idiot Sandwiching’ himself for the first time in print.  

The magazine’s Chef’s Special theme takes a deep dive into Gordon’s relationship with meme culture, how cheffing has changed since he started out, and how his love of sandwiches has led to his new ‘Idiot Sandwich’ show. Gordon asked the world’s leading chefs, including Thomas Keller, Paul Ainsworth, Christina Tosi and Grant Achatz, what sandwiches they make in their break while at work. The issue also features classically trained chef and social media star Olivia Tiedemann’s first print interview and photoshoot.

The partnership between Gordon Ramsay and Sandwich will promote his new food show, ‘Idiot Sandwich’, an all-new sandwich competition series hosted by Ramsay himself and inspired by his wildly popular meme. Featuring an array of social media creators such as Albert Can Cook, Owen Han, Sydney Morgan and more, each episode sees three contestants go head to head to create a sandwich they think will take the internet by storm, in just 20 minutes – with the added pressure of being judged by Gordon. 

Gordon Ramsay said: “When my new show Idiot Sandwich got the green light, it was a no-brainer that we should collaborate with Sandwich magazine. I first came across the title when I picked up the BBQ Brisket issue a couple of years ago. I was struck by this fresh take on food journalism, using the humble sandwich as a lens for culture.”

Simon Baker, Managing Director of TCO London, the publisher-agency behind Sandwich, said: “The idiot sandwich meme is ubiquitous within social media culture, so partnering with Gordon to build a world around his new show has been a dream. As long-time fans of Gordon, we were excited to use the unique voice that Sandwich has to drive awareness of ‘Idiot Sandwich’ to our community and beyond.”

Sandwich is available across premium magazine retailers in the UK, Europe and the US, as well as on Apple News+ or from Watch ‘Idiot Sandwich’ on Gordon’s YouTube channel on Wednesday 17th of January. The Sandwich Magazine partnership will include a launch event in London in early March. 

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About Gordon Ramsay

Renowned Michelin starred chef, restaurateur, TV presenter and author, Gordon Ramsay is also a highly successful entrepreneur. To date, Gordon Ramsay holds 7 Michelin stars across the restaurant group worldwide, including the flagship venue, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which has held three Michelin-stars for over 21 years.

Beyond the restaurants, Emmy-nominated and BAFTA-award winning Gordon Ramsay heads up Studio Ramsay Global, a worldwide production venture in partnership with Fox; programs produced include Next Level Chef, Kitchen Nightmares and Uncharted with National Geographic. Gordon Ramsay also has a gained a significant global social media presence, with an audience of around 20M on YouTube and is the most followed chef on Tik Tok.

About the Idiot Sandwich Show

‘Idiot Sandwich’ was influenced by one of the world’s most popular memes, that has garnered millions of views across YouTube and TikTok. The brand new digital-first content series was shot in front of a live audience at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and features some of YouTube and Tiktok’s biggest creator talent. Each episode sees them competing to create the sandwich that will see them crowned the ultimate ‘Idiot Sandwich’ by Gordon himself. The show has been produced by Studio Ramsay Global, and is presented by Hexclad.

About Sandwich

Founded in 2018, Sandwich uses the often overlooked, but universally beloved culinary creation, the sandwich, to champion the connecting power of food to a high-worth audience of tastemakers. We use the humble sandwich as a lens to provide cultural reporting, photo essays, and interviews on the most surprising and creative corners of the food world at large.

About TCO London

Established in 2006, TCO London is the publisher of global culture and entertainment media brands Huck, Little White Lies and Sandwich magazine, as well as a full-service creative agency. TCO operates a global network of creative collaborators to help the world’s leading brands and organisations connect with culture through unique insight and access, remarkable stories, premium content and partnerships.


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