Beyond Greenwashing: the Future of Sustainability Marketing – magazine launch and panel event

Join us as we celebrate Sandwich Magazine #6: Leftover Sandwich Issue, with a special Sandwich x TCOLab panel event on the 25 April featuring The Body Shop, Ben & Jerry’s, Accenture & more.

With 43% of senior employees in the UK believing their company has been guilty of greenwashing (2021/22 Advanced Trends Report) and two-thirds of consumers believing companies are doing mediocre or worse at keeping their climate commitments (2022 Edelman Trust Barometer), our event will explore what it means to be a true pioneer of marketing in an unsustainable world.

Why do we want to move beyond greenwashing? 

There are so many problems with greenwashing, but one that doesn’t get much attention is - it makes us focus on all the things we’re not doing! At TCO, we want to get beyond it: spotlight the actions we are inspired by. And we’re not talking about solutions necessarily, but better questions that help us make the shift to showing we honestly believe real change is possible.

At the event you'll have the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts who are radically rethinking the relationship between business and sustainability, and to connect with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a more sustainable future.

Meet our panellists:

  1. Jessie Macneil-Brown – Head of Social Mission Europe, Ben and Jerry’s

    Jessie is a specialist with a strong track record of designing and delivering initiatives for brands with purpose that inspire the public and drive long term sustainable change. She has experience in both corporate & NGO sectors. She is interested in creating greater equality for refugees, women and girls. She has previously worked for IKEA, The Body Shop and Amnesty International.
  2. Charlotte Hilliard – Project Lead for Youth Collective, The Body Shop

    With an energy and passion for elevating youth voices and helping others to develop, Charlotte is proudly leading The Body Shop’s Youth Collective. Launched at COP 26, The Collective is made up of young people from within The Body Shop and at other B Corps. Charlotte is also on the Committee for the Solidarity in Ethnicity and Engagement Network (SEEN) and has a passion for diversity and inclusion.
  3. Lucy Mountford – Head of Content and Narrative at Accenture UK

    Lucy is a creative content expert with experience in advertising, PR and television. At Accenture, she drives the UK sustainability marketing strategy. Recent flagship projects have focused on how Accenture can drive forward their responsible business agenda by creating value for their clients, communities and the planet. She is passionate about diversity, equality and sustainability, both inside and outside of the workplace. Lucy has a particular interest in the way that new technologies can be applied to create a fairer and more sustainable world, tackling big questions and acting as an enabler for equality and positive change
  4. Chloe Dyson – TCOLab and Sustainability Director, TCO London

    Fuelled by optimism and empathy, Chloé has always wanted to understand the role business can – and should – play in addressing social and environmental issues. Starting out in finance, Chloé realised that the biggest barriers in the system nearly always come down to culture, so she spent time on the ground helping to spearhead emerging movements (like Stop Ecocide). The latest step on her journey involves connecting counter-narratives with future trends at TCO.

The panel will be moderated by Dr Anna Sulan Masing, co-founder of the public research platform Sourced, which investigates global food and drink systems.

We’ll also hear from Josh Jones, Editor of Sandwich Magazine. 9:30 - 12:00, 25th April 23, London – get tickets here!

Book now and get 60% off using this code: Sandwich60

If you missed the previous panel event on the Future of Community, check it out.

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