‘Rebels With A Cause’ a new C4 and DfE series reframes the narrative around teaching for a new generation

The Department for Education has partnered with Channel 4 & TCO to celebrate teachers who break the mould.

‘Rebels With A Cause’ is a call-to-action for a generation who know they can be more than one thing. The series, which aims to encourage graduates to see teaching as both a fulfilling and exciting career choice, reframes teachers as students in their own right: curious, passionate, inspiring minds who are pushing themselves to learn how to lead a richer life... and enriching the lives of others in the process.

Across three episodes we challenge the traditional stereotypes associated with teaching and showcase how it is a profession that champions individuality and passion. Whether it’s through music, dance or sport, our rebel teachers show how you can break the mould by simply doing what you love.

The series is co-directed by TCO’s Editor-In-Chief Andrea Kurland and TCO’s Head of Film Hendrik Faller, Kate Turner was the producer. Thomas Pullen at Channel 4 commissioned the project with Sarah O'Kane, TCO's Head of Partnerships.

Olu - The Musician

Olu Sodeinde is a musician whose talents have taken him all over the world. Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest musical talents including Ellie Goulding and Cheryl Cole, he has established himself as a serious musical force. But his most important stage is the one he’s built at school - as the head of a multicultural music programme that is transforming the lives of his students.

Faraz - The Breakdancer

Faraz is a Physics teacher who defies gravity as an elite competitive breakdancer. Now, with his sights set firmly on the World Champion ticket, he’s using his passion to inspire his students to “be the best” at anything they choose to pursue. For Faraz, he knows he can deliver on his word. “When I come back and have that [world title] then hopefully that can just be some good energy for them and they can go on and actually have similar aspirations”.

Emily - The Surfer

Emily is a 25-year-old surfer from Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear who's commitment to riding waves is all-consuming - despite the freezing conditions. Every morning, she checks the webcams as soon as she wakes up. And if the surf is good, she’s paddling out before dawn. Then it’s a quick change in the carpark and straight into school - with wet hair and surfboard strapped to her car.

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