Little White Lies 89: The First Cow issue – On sale now!

A celebration of Kelly Reichardt, one of America’s greatest working filmmakers, and her extraordinary new film, First Cow.

In this issue, we celebrate the world of Kelly Reichardt by embracing her love of natural landscapes on screen and also talking to some of her longtime collaborators, including author Jon Raymond and alt-rock icon, Will Oldham.

The embroidered cover is by Stephanie Watts, inspired by the hand-wrought quality of Reichardt’s films, but also intended as a gorgeous piece of craft that might exist within the world of First Cow itself.

In this issue

  1. Kelly Reichardt in conversation with Christina Newland; Caitlin Quinlan speaks to Reichardt’s longtime screenwriting collaborator who has provided the narrative seed for the majority of her movies – including First Cow;
  2. Adam Woodward meets the vaunted songsmith to discuss his early roles in Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy, and some of his other brief incursions into the world of film – including a Kanye West music promo;
  3. A new book picks apart James Benning’s 2004 film Ten Skies – which is ten shots of skyscapes. Matt Turner meets its author, Dr Erika Balsom, to discuss the crossover between the natural world and experimental film;
  4. And as a special little side-project, we’ve included an alternative history of the New Hollywood cinema of the late ’60s and ’70s as told through a variety of wondrous baked goods created by some of our most gifted collaborators.

This new issue is also available in select Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores.

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