99designs by Vistaprint and TCO launches UK-wide street art project featuring imaginary businesses

Global creative platform 99designs by Vistaprint today launched a street art project taking over empty storefronts across the UK to offer a glimpse into an imagined future where everyday businesses have been supercharged by design.

The project, created by TCO London, showcases the power of great design to revive small businesses as we emerge from lockdown. It aims to inspire business owners to see the high street as the perfect home for innovation, creativity and bold new ideas.

Each installation takes over a storefront and partners it with a designer to depict the space in an exciting new light, showing how often-overlooked businesses can look right at home on the high street through great design and innovation.

The imaginary businesses include a ‘Move To Mars’, an estate agency for Mars in Chelsea, a sneaker cobbler in Manchester, a NFT (non-fungible token) gallery in Glasgow, an ultra-niche sports bar in Bristol, an AR-powered ‘try before you buy’ tattoo parlour in Leeds, a DIY delivery service in Peckham and an AI cafe in Shoreditch.

The project resonates with a study commissioned by Vistaprint on the future of small business in the UK. Of the 2000 adults surveyed over two thirds have pledged their support to small businesses during 2021 rather than high street chains, and almost a third have considered opening their own small business. Vistaprint also partnered with the leading futurist Andrew Grill, who predicted the key trends that will impact small businesses: from AR and VR workouts in the fitness industry to increased automation and robotics in food and beverage businesses.

This campaign is part of 99 Days Of Design, a global initiative aimed at providing a diverse group of 99 small business owners with financial support and design services to aid their plans to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. In the UK, fourteen businesses will benefit from the global initiative, receiving £12,000 in funding and design support, with 10 being selected by and featuring in a media partnership with Huck Magazine. 99designs by Vistaprint is also partnering with design-led indie film title Little White Lies to speak to the creative community.

Emily Shirley, General Manager for Vistaprint UK and Ireland, said: ‘As we emerge from lockdown, we’re seeing an increased preference among Brits to shop small and support their local businesses. Through great design and innovation, small businesses can capitalise on this change in consumer behaviour and stand out on the high street. In partnering with TCO London, we want to inspire small businesses to think big and reimagine what their future could look like.’  

Simon Baker, Managing Director at TCO London, said: ‘At a time when key locations on high streets are empty, while shopping local has become more important than ever, we have reimagined what familiar businesses – cafes, estate agents, hardware stores – could look like if injected with impossible-to-ignore visual makeovers. We want passersby to wish these businesses really existed in their community and for entrepreneurs to be inspired.’

Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99designs by Vistaprint, said: “Our global creative community fuels the success of small businesses every single day, and it’s been inspiring to see designers from all over the world bring these imagined industries to life. Great design is a powerful catalyst for reinvention and new beginnings, and this project captures the essence of revival, possibility and optimism that the 99 Days of Design campaign represents.”

The Broom & Pebble: Ultra-Niche Sports Bar, Bristol

We all know where to go to watch a football match on a Sunday. But what about people who are into synchronised swimming, speed climbing, curling, etc…and still love the social aspect of it?  Step inside…!

Museum Of Modern Bar: Art Inspired Dog Groomer, Brighton

Brighton loves its art and they love their dogs too. At this art-inspired dog groomer - where you can bring your dog to be transformed into a walking piece of art. Wouldn’t you love to own an abstract expressionist poodle? Or a Klein blue retriever?

Artificial  Inktelligence: Ar Tatoo Parlour, Leeds

A tattoo parlour, but with a twist. AR will allow you to walk a mile in your tattoo before committing to it. No more misspelled tattoos or awful decisions you could regret. Think before you Ink!

Di-Why?: Diy Delivery Service, Peckham

A store where you can say what you need to fix and they’ll prepare a takeaway box with everything required. The exact tools, a precise amount of paint, nails, screws, etc. And it will come with a beautifully designed instruction manual that will explain to you step by step how to solve your problem. Gousto for home improvement…

Black Ai Cafe: Shoreditch, London

Based in Shoreditch, the home of the hipster, we have created what appears to be a coffee shop / cafe run by AI’s. The baristas will get to know you, how you like your coffee, they will make small talk based on your browsing history and they will remember your birthday.

Red Location: Estate Agent For Mars, Kensington

We have created what appears to be a travel/estate agency, but for the planet Mars, where you can buy trips/property on the red planet. At first glance, it will look legit, not too fancy, like High Street estate agents, but at second glance, you’ll see there's more than meets the eye.

Fix Your Kicks: Sneaker Cobbler, Manchester

Based in sneaker obsessed Manchester, this old school looking cobbler can help with repairing your limited edition trainer or your favourite running shoe. With the best, brand approved materials and skilled artisans. Your kicks will always look box fresh.

MeME: Nft Gallery, Glasgow

One of the first NFT galleries in the world. The front and side of the main window are used as the main NFT gallery wall, showing graphics and illustrations. The door area has been used as an info point, telling the NFT hype story in an illustrative way.

Head over to 99daysofdesign to find out more.
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