Beyond Greenwashing: The Future of Sustainability Marketing

Lessons from our panellists explore how brands can market sustainability in an authentic, honest, meaningful way.

Off the back of our Leftovers Sandwich Issue, we decided to host a panel event in collaboration with TCOLab exploring the future of sustainability marketing. Hosted by Anna Sulan Masing, founder of Sourced and contributing writer to Sandwich Magazine, the panel explored how companies can weave honesty about their environmental and social impact into their brand identities, to appeal to their customers through acting as a force for meaningful change.

1. Sustainability is a journey
You can start small, but everyone should be taking action – and that action must be backed up by evidence.

“Sustainability is here to stay - it’s about when you get into that conversation, not if.”
Lucy Mountford, Head of Content and Narrative at Accenture UK

2. Honesty and transparency are paramount to progress
No one’s perfect, acknowledging mistakes and how far you have to go will build confidence in your approach.

“Purpose suggests we have the answers, when we don’t - perhaps this is about asking better questions: inquiry-led business where brands test and learn more quickly in partnership with culture?”
Chloe Dyson, TCOLab and Sustainability Director, TCO

It's becoming increasingly important to give young people a voice
Creating safe spaces and platforms where they feel comfortable making their voices heard and challenging leadership. This keeps brands relevant.

“Young people are really good at calling out bullshit – it’s amazing to behold. And what’s even more amazing to behold is when leadership gets called out for it”
Charlotte Hilliard, Project Lead for Youth Collective at The Body Shop

4. Authentic, honest storytelling allows people to see that real change is possible

“We can create real change through the words we use, by humanising narratives. It all happens through stories and how we tell them.”
Jessie Macneil-Brown, Head of Social Mission Europe at Ben and Jerry’s

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