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The North Face, adidas, Arc’teryx and Patagonia come together in our new report highlighting the lack of diversity in Outdoor Culture.

The report ‘Beyond Representation: The Future of Diversity and Inclusion’, aims to shift brand’s understanding and perspectives on the barriers faced by People of Colour when engaging in outdoor pursuits. It was written by outdoor sports diversity expert Phil Young with TCO London Strategist Sam Fox, as part of The Outsiders Project, an outdoor sports platform and agency championing diversity in outdoor sports.

Phil Young, The Outsiders Project founder, says “After decades of participation as an athlete, event director and content producer in outdoor sports, and having worked with some of the biggest brands in the market, I had become frustrated by the lack of understanding they held in relation to People of Colour. There continues to be blind spots around the conversation, this report will help give a solid grounding to some of the barriers faced by minority communities and offer recommendations for those that seek to make positive change.”

The 90-page document seeks to provide a basic understanding of some of the problems that people of colour face when it comes to accessing outdoor sports and recreation and is the first to focus on the subject from the point of view of leading brands alongside contributions from a variety of different change makers across culture, including athletes, community leaders and representatives from the likes of Greenpeace.

Beyond Representation breaks down the historical, socio-economic and political barriers that have stopped marginalised communities from feeling as though outdoor spaces are ones they can occupy. From there, the report sets out the different ways in which the industry can help reverse the problem, setting out a roadmap to change.

Young adds, “I believe there’s a real desire to make change, but there is a nervousness in getting it wrong. This report will help give a framework for brands to make their own change in an informed way.”

Beyond Representation is the first report from The Outsiders Project, an independent platform launched in 2020 to promote inclusion and diversity within the culture and community of the outdoors.

Read more about The Outsiders Project here.

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