Sir Kensington's aims to become the Patagonia of the condiments world with 'The Food Fight' impact report

Eschewing traditional reporting creators, NYC based Unilever brand and premium condiments maker, Sir Kensington’s partnered with TCO London – the outfit behind global culture bible, Huck Magazine, and illustration-led film title, Little White Lies – and Sir Kensington’s very own Sandwich Magazine – to give their inaugural report a completely unique perspective and aesthetic.

The Food Fight sees stats and data as the launchpad for original journalism that explores some of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to creating a more equal, sustainable world. Articles included an exploration into the merits of conscious capitalism, a manifesto in favour of (bio)diversity, a feature spotlighting the workers who make recycling possible – and more.

In order to help Sir Kensington’s reach the widest possible audience – and speak to them in different ways, TCO London has taken traditional reporting and pushed it into new creative territory, leaning on the agency's 15 years experience in counternarratives and design. Over the course of 64 pages featuring world-class design, bespoke illustrations, documentary photography and a unique editorial lens, the magazine-style report outlines key focus areas for the business, as well as taking stock of wins and losses when it comes to achieving goals within them.

Zach Seely, Director of Marketing and Communications, Sir Kensington’s said: “For Sir Kensington's inaugural Integrity Report, we wanted to publish something with both credibility and integrity. With TCO's help we were able to work with award-winning journalists, photographers, and illustrators to address the knots of capitalism, sustainability, and the possibilities of running a good business. TCO lent their magazine credentials to our report in order to bring our message to a broader audience. We are excited to have this object out there in the world."

The report was also created in partnership with strategic impact studio Storyroot, and marks a decade since Sir Kensington’s founding by providing a deep-dive into the B Corp brand’s social and environmental impact.

Simon Baker, Managing Director, TCO London said: “The team at Sir Kensington’s are acutely aware of the impact that their businesses has, so for them this report was not just about giving a transparent view of their progress, but to explore the latest thinking, narratives and movements that impact consumer society. Consumers are the ultimate stakeholders, so we made a report that speaks directly to them.”

Sir Kensington's consumers are not easily reached using traditional media, so the brand is constantly pushing boundaries with new initiatives - for this reason the Integrity Report was launched at Tribeca Film Festival alongside the brand's new feature film Fries! The Movie.

Chloé Dyson, Sustainability Director, TCO London, said: “Sir Kensington's Report could be the beginning of a new era in reporting aiming to better understand the whole picture around sustainability, partly through accountability and partly through what's really happening on the ground. We wanted to bring our expertise in storytelling to the table in order to engage people beyond the data, because this type of communication should be a tool for change. No business has all the answers, so it's important we expand the conversation and find new ways to engage people in the biggest challenges we face.”

The report serves as the latest instalment in a fruitful partnership between TCO and Sir Kensington’s, following the success of Sandwich Magazine, a food culture magazine dedicated to the eponymous snack.

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There is definitely a food fight on the horizon with established and emerging brands going to war over consumer preference, the winner will ultimately be the one who’s actions align to their branding message.

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