The outdoors is for everyone. Yet outdoor culture and access to rural landscapes continues to remain elusive to many people from marginalised communities.

The Outsiders Project is an independent platform promoting inclusion and diversity within the culture and community of the Outdoors. We offer a credible voice for brands and organisations who want to more fully understand the conversation and make meaningful change.

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We guide brands through their D&IE strategy through comprehensive brand audits, culture mapping, development of purpose and commitments, cutting edge thought leadership and the provision of brand advocacy and guardianship.



The Outsiders Project works with our sister publication, Huck magazine, to offer a media platform to share the stories of people who are championing diversity in outdoor sports, as well as acting as a credible space for brands to promote their own activity through partnerships, content, events and editorial.



Our network creates product, brand and storytelling campaigns that give a new lens on outdoor culture. All of our campaign work invests in a community fund, which ensures that the brands we work with are facilitating change at the grass roots level.

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Beyond Representation
Beyond Representation
The Future of Diversity and Inclusion in the Outdoors

Our report defines some of the key issues at play in order to provide greater context to the conversation, from which we can find ways to address the barriers and problems that are only now beginning to be analysed.

adidas Terrex x the Outsiders Project
adidas Terrex x the Outsiders Project
Diversity in the Outdoors

adidas Terrex engaged The Outsiders Project, TCO’s media platform and consultancy, to develop a culture map of diversity in outdoor sports.

Finisterre + The Outsiders Project
Finisterre + The Outsiders Project
New Lenses on the Landscape

Finisterre and The Outsiders Project look at how the British coastline is interpreted by 3 People of Colour.

a global brand platform that follows pairs of inspiring individuals as they forge paths and form connections in the outdoors.

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