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LWLies #94: The Pink Flamingos Issue

LWLies #94: The Pink Flamingos Issue

In this issue, we sought to celebrate the revival and restoration of a punk classic that has seldom been seen in UK cinemas due to our strict censorship laws. In line with a Criterion Collection Blu-ray release, we spoke to Waters about making his film about two Baltimore families warring to become the filthiest in the world. As with each issue of LWLies, we contextualised the film through a mixture of stories and analysis, ranging from the political (Divine as an icon of modern gender) to the playful (a world championship to find the filthiest director in the world). The cover for this issue was inspired by ’70s gig posters and zine culture – it was created by screen-print artist Rosie Lee Brind.

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I was super excited to be illustrating the cover for Little White Lies' Pink Flamingos 50th anniversary issue. It was great to illustrate Divine's iconic features and work without the colour limitations that usually come with the screen printing process.

Rosie Lea Brind
Cover illustrator for Little White Lies Pink Flamingos 50th anniversary issue

It’s a joy to honour the high priest of trash, John Waters, with this special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of his tribute to bad taste, Pink Flamingos. Highlights include Juan Barquin’s expansive interview with Waters himself, plus deep dives into his closest collaborators and a plethora of gorgeous illustrations – as well as our usual jam-packed back section with reviews of all the latest cinema releases.

Hannah Strong
Digital Editor

LWLies #94: The Pink Flamingos Issue – On sale now! Order your copy.

LWLies #94: The Pink Flamingos Issue – On sale now! Order your copy.

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