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Little White Lies


Little White Lies.


Little White Lies is Europe’s largest premium independent film brand. 

As an arbiter of good taste in film, LWLies offers proudly independent cinema and TV journalism and a unique illustrative style.

— at a glance —

  • +2.5M Reach
  • +10 Video Formats
  • 60K print readership
  • Social Followers: 200K
  • Website: 500K
  • Podcast: 300K
  • 30+ countries

"The best designed film magazine on the shelf with unimpeachable good taste. "


“The aesthete’s movie magazine of choice….  with a desire to engage with the world of film rather than run tedious interviews”


“They create compelling experiences across analogue and digital”


I love your magazine. I find it really illuminating when you guys like my stuff, and I find it really illuminating when you have problems with it because it’s intelligent and articulate. It was great! I don’t mind negatives. I don’t mind reservations. That’s why you make movies – to listen to these opinions. You guys have been very important for me.
— Guillermo del Toro, Director