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Huck champions independent culture: personal stories of people challenging the status quo. We’re interested in the potential of counterculture to forge communities and trigger meaningful social change. Huck is an attitude more than a demographic; it’s about people who make things happen for themselves.
— Andrea Kurland, Huck Editor-in-Chief

Huck is a premium culture channel, targeting a high-worth millennial audience of tastemakers across the US, UK, and over 40 countries. Huck roams the globe, documenting counterculture as it unfolds.

— at a glance —

The home of artists, musicians, extreme sports athletes, activists and creatives who paddle against the flow. Out on the countercultural frontlines, we offer a unique lens for capturing scenes and movements as they happen. Our reporters break stories first, offering a global map of youth culture. Partnerships include Levi’s, Kodak, Patagonia, Microsoft, Nike.

Editorial remit

As the home of premium counter-culture narratives, we believe in the power of unfiltered voices: personal stories of real people and movements, captured in an authentic light. We track culture around the globe, documenting people, scenes and movements as they unfold.

Huck features intelligent, award-winning content that appeals across the consumer landscape. Its readers are defined by an attitude. They are doers, makers, creative and curious, looking for narrative that doesn’t follow trends, but sets them.

We don’t do desktop journalism. Every story stems from genuine access and reporting. We are not limited by geography. We have a global network of writers, filmmakers and photographers on the ground, reporting for us about unknown scenes on a daily basis. We do original journalism every day.


Award Winning Huck film: The halcyon days of skateboarding are alive in rural South Africa. In the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Indigo Skate Camp is home to the village's very first generation of skaters, who are growing up with a different outlook on life from their elders.



Original Access Led Huck Documentaries

Stories of independence and youth-fuelled social change; people and communities who make things happen for themselves

Compelling characters and personal stories that challenge the status quo

Counter-narratives and underrepresented voices

Subcultures that go against the dominant paradigm

Raw but with a premium aesthetic

Narrative arcs that champion triumph over adversity


"Packed with insightful and inspirational creative acumen from some of indie culture’s most influential figures."