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Snapchat: Brother


Snapchat: Brother


— The Challenge —

When Snapchat and Elizabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks started Brother, a channel targeting millennial men, they wanted to tell non-disposable stories in 60 seconds.

— TCO Solution —

TCO created four original series of made-for-Snapchat formats. We used our global network of artists, filmmakers, photographers and surfers to bring onboard compelling characters, living extraordinary lives and produce premium narrative story-telling in just 60 seconds, that kept audiences engaged in the most throw-away digital medium. “The challenge was to make content for people with short attention spans, but we’ve found you can actually say a lot in 60 seconds.”- TCO Snapchat Producer, Zach Sebastien.


• +10M Daily Channel Viewers
• 4 Series
• 48 Episodes
• 5 x Engagement of other Platforms