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Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner

Huck x Nike Londoner. As a follow up to Nike's 'Nothing Beats a Londoner Campaign' we are producing a series of stories on young Londoners who featured in the iconic Nike LDNR film. They'll be dropping across Huck channels as well as on the brands socials and apps.


Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner


— The Challenge —

To support the iconic Nike 'Nothing Beats a Londoner Campaign' (LDNR) by sourcing young talent to star in the LDNR brand film and ongoing storytelling to give context to the characters who featured.

— TCO Solution —

Huck and Nike collaborated to celebrate London teens whose lives have been transformed by their commitment to dance and sport. Huck's editorial access to youth culture demonstrated through regular reporting on stories like BIKELIFE, give a level of authority and credibility in the campaign.

Delivered with Huck’s premium aesthetic across long form and short form articles, photography and film, the content was distributed across Huck channels as well as white label assets across Nike socials and apps.


  • 4 young Londoners identified
  • Words, Pictures and Films produced on each feature
  • Distributed across Huck and white label on Nike's own channels



The teen champion taking the fencing world by storm. Teagan is not the typical fencer - but she is ranked number one. Gunning towards an Olympic gold, she’s ready to challenge perceptions.