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We created an original four-part content series for Finlandia to engage opinion shapers in a conversation around the vodka brand’s contribution to water conservation causes and 1% For The Planet.


Finlandia Vodka.


— The Challenge —

Finlandia Vodka wanted to engage opinion shapers in a conversation around the vodka brand's contribution to water conservation causes and 1% for the planet. This global Huck partnership targeted young men with an interest in adventure. 


  • 4 premium documentaries
  • 21M reach
  • +2M video views
  • 30% VTR (compared to 9% industry standard)
  • 12 organic media placements for our content

— TCO Solution —

We tapped Huck's global network to bring onboard National Geographic photographer and explorer, Cory Richards, director and professional surfer, Mikey DeTemple and Lady Gaga producer Rene Arsenault, as well accessing Huck characters people with unique relationships with water.

Our original four-part premium branded documentary series, tells amazing stories from Finland, the US and Canada, including surfing river rapids, swimming with sharks, paddling through hurricane white water, and plunging hundreds of metres on a single breath.

The campaign was launched with an Instagram campaign with Cory, tapping into his audience. The Huck partnership was supported by bespoke editorial, photography and rich ad units, earned media placements with 12 media owners, and additional reach via TCO brokered placements with National Geographic, Vice and others.


Brief: LDNR Stories - HUCK   




On 2.9, Nike London releases their new AV, focused on celebrating Young Londoners. The spot features a series of teens “one-upping” each other in the lengths they go to in order to achieve success in sport.


In addition to the AV, Nike will tell rich stories around London Youth that embody the Londoner/Athlete attitude. We will start telling these stories on Jan 11, telling 2X per week until AV launch. After the launch, we will continue telling these stories, 2X per month through the end of March.


The ASK:

Tell Londoner Athlete stories in an authentic way that will be featured on Huck and Nike channels in addition to scaling through paid digital and media partnerships targeted at Young London.

·      Identify someone through Huck’s connections that embodies the Londoner attitude

·      Create a framework for a pre-identified Londoner (using TJ as the example) to tell his story


Key Elements:

Huck editorial pieces

Content plan for Nike London Instagram and Nike App

Paid media proposal per story

Co-created by Young LDN: integrate young talent into the creation of the stories

Stories must be modern/youthful/mobile centric. Push the boundaries of deeper storytelling.



Celebrate and enable Young London athletes to raise them up.


We can give them opportunities, confidence and backing, celebrate them and give back to the places they’ve played in.


Key Moments:

1.11: NBA is in town, tell our first local Londoner story, elevating TJ:

2.7: NBAL campaign gets leaked via athletes in the film

2.9 midday: AV Launch

2.9-2.16: Half Term Week. A week of X-Cat sports moments across the city.



View The Episodes.


— Episode 1 —

Into The Deep With Finland's Greatest Freediver.

— Episode 3 —


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