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Kodak: Pivot Points

Kodak Ektra smart phone partnership with Huck


Kodak: Pivot Points

If the world can see, the world can change
— Andrea Kurland,  Editor-In-Chief, Huck -

— The Challenge —

Create original storytelling to support the launch of Kodak Ektra and highlight its capability as a unique camera-led mobile device. 


  • Articles on a dedicated digital vertical
  • Photography & Gifs socially shared
  • Total campaign reach 4.8M
  • Average dwell time of articles 3 minutes 13 seconds 
  • Photographers sourced through Huck's global network

— TCO Solution —

The world has never been so challenging. And in this age of deepening divides, photography has never been so important.

With more images being made than ever before, photographers who place themselves at the pivot points of change – capturing grassroots movements as they form and rise – help us all bear witness to the stories that really matter.

To document this changing world, we created Pivot Points, a series of photo stories, produced over 6 months, taking Huck photographers to the people and places who refuse to accept the status quo. Shot entirely on the Kodak Extra smartphone, each story throws up unexpected lessons for the shooter behind the lens. 

The partnership was delivered with Huck’s premium aesthetic through 16 articles of Kodak-Ektra led storytelling, and published across a dedicated vertical on and Huck's social channels. 


— Creative Space Beirut —

Sarah Hermez

Lebanese-Armenian fashion designer, born and raised in Kuwait, runs the first free fashion school in Lebanon

— The world's most successful gay football club —

Stonewall FC

The world’s most successful gay football club is still fighting homophobia on the pitch

— A safe haven in Caracas —

The tropical BBoys of Venezuela

Against a backdrop of student protests and violent crackdowns from the Venezuelan state, a group of dancers have found a way to leave politics at the door