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Google Think Quarterly


Google: Think Quarterly.



Google wanted to create the "most insane piece of direct marketing ever"
to open a dialogue with CEOs, policy makers and world leaders.

— TCO Solution—

We created Think Quarterly, an award-winning series of seven hardcover books. Each limited-edition copy was personalised with the name of the C-suite exec and influencers and featured stunning photography and illustration along with surprises such as magnetic covers, pop-up infographics and heat-activated pages. The project became the template for Google's online portal for thought leadership.


  • Earned TCO a total of 10 awards for its design and editorial direction.
  • Helped cement Google’s position as a powerful voice in thought leadership.
  • TQ was featured in numerous global media outlets including Time, CNN, The Guardian and many more.
  • 7 editions.
  • Distributed in multiple languages in the US, UK, Mainland Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Asia Pacific.
  • TQ reached the likes of influential figures Richard Branson, David Cameron, Martin Sorrell, Michelle Obama among many others.