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Google: Think Quarterly


Google: Think Quarterly.



Google wanted to create the "most insane piece of direct marketing ever"
to open a dialogue with CEOs, policy makers and world leaders.

— TCO Solution—

This multiple award winning campaign was Google’s first-ever print commission with content by world-class writers, illustrators and photographers. The campaign ran over two years in print and online, with TCO building a microsite to house the content and managing distribution. Limited edition books were sent to CEO’s, Presidents and Prime Ministers. The content was designed to be so beautiful that it would get past the gate keepers. PR’d at launch it was then released to the puclic, with over a million downloading a digital copy on release.

Think Quarterly, consisted of an award-winning series of eight hardcover books. Each limited-edition copy was personalised with the name of the C-suite exec and influencers and featured surprises such as magnetic covers, pop-up infographics and heat-activated pages to help to ensure its instant collectability. The project became the template for Google's online portal for thought leadership ‘Google Think’.


  • Earned TCO a total of 10 awards for design and editorial direction.

  • Helped cement Google’s position as a powerful voice in thought leadership.

  • TQ was featured in numerous global media outlets - Time, CNN, The Guardian and many more.

  • 1M downloads in first week.

  • Distributed in multiple languages in the US, UK, Mainland Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Asia Pacific.

  • TQ reached the likes of influential figures Richard Branson, David Cameron, Martin Sorrell, Michelle Obama among many others.


"Content marketing is hard to measure, but with TCO, we saw significant demand."



13 British illustrators working togeather to create the cover for Google's 'Think Quarterly' publication, resulting in 2500 individual covers.