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Destination Canada


Destination Canada.



Destination Canada, the government tourism promotion agency, wanted to shift its marketing strategy to centre on content. It wanted a ground-breaking video influencer campaign that would resonate with the YouTube generation without leaving it's Gen X and Babyboomer audience behind.


TCO helped select Influencers who could speak to the German and UK markets and created a cross-Canada road trip series for Germany and a food-inspired series for the UK. We covered 12K miles in 50 stunning films that looked cinematic while retaining YouTube's unique energy.

— at a glance —

• +200M reach.
• +3.5M Organic YouTube views.
•15% Brand lift.
•Omnicom Pelican Award for
Exemplary Inter-agency
Partnerships 2015.

"Toronto The Good," "Hogtown," "The Six" - whatever you call it, from food, to film, to music, to fashion, to sport, there is a lot going on in Canada's biggest city. The Food Busker sets out to take in as much as I can in 48 hours.
TCO’s access to editorial storytelling, film and sub-culture audiences enables a shared experience of creative craft.

They helped us navigate a new world of content marketing, which has led to great content and great results
— Cat Salt, Destination Canada