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Destination Canada


Destination Canada.



Destination Canada, the government tourism promotion agency, wanted to shift its marketing strategy to centre on content. It wanted a ground-breaking video influencer campaign that would resonate with the YouTube generation without leaving it's Gen X and Babyboomer audience behind.


TCO helped select Influencers who could speak to the German and UK markets and created a cross-Canada road trip series for Germany and a food-inspired series for the UK. We covered 12K miles in 50 stunning films that looked cinematic while retaining YouTube's unique energy.

— at a glance —

  • +200M reach.
  • +3.5M Organic YouTube views.
  • 15% Brand lift.
  • Omnicom Pelican Award for Exemplary Inter-agency Partnerships 
  • WARC Media Awards: Gold, Best Use of Data
  • M&M Global Awards Gold, Best Use of Data & Best Growth Strategy
  • Travel Marketing Awards: Silver Best Use of Content Marketing


"Toronto The Good," "Hogtown," "The Six" - whatever you call it, from food, to film, to music, to fashion, to sport, there is a lot going on in Canada's biggest city. The Food Busker sets out to take in as much as he can in 48 hours.
Chefs in British Columbia consider fresh produce a to birthright. Mike Murphy has taken BC's farm-to-table movement several steps further, where everything on the menu at his restaurant in Victoria, the province's laid back capital, is based on what's picked that day on his 10-acre farm.

The Food Busker wanted get a feel for Alberta's cowboy way of life so he stayed with Randy and Ginny at Sierra West guest ranch. Soon they had him out on horseback driving cattle across the Canadian plains. 

TCO’s access to editorial storytelling, film and sub-culture audiences enables a shared experience of creative craft.

They helped us navigate a new world of content marketing, which has led to great content and great results
— Cat Salt, Destination Canada