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Destination Canada.



Destination Canada, the government tourism promotion agency, wanted to shift its marketing strategy to centre on content. It wanted a ground-breaking video influencer campaign that would resonate with the YouTube generation without leaving it's Gen X and Babyboomer audience behind. With over 6 million European travellers considering Canada as a destination, the campaign's objective was to: 

  1.  Inspire UK and German travellers, two of Canada's key markets, to book their next adventure to Canada.  
  2. Shift consumers' mindset from dreaming of a Canadian adventure to making the actual booking
  3. Embossing in travellers' minds that Canada is an all-season destination, where extraordinary experiences of cities, adventures and food can be enjoyed all year round. 
  4. Increase Destination Canada's content reach and relevancy in the marketplace, whilst improving its ability to deliver the right message at the right time.
  5. Increase sales.
TCO’s access to editorial storytelling, film and sub-culture audiences enables a shared experience of creative craft.

They helped us navigate a new world of content marketing, which has led to great content and great results
— Cat Salt, Destination Canada


TCO helped Destination Canada, shift its marketing strategy from traditional advertising to content marketing.

When choosing a destination for an international trip, research showed us that consumers are increasingly turning away from traditional media campaigns towards personal, trusted recommendations. So in order to succeed, the campaign had to connect with individuals' specific interests and passions in an authentic way, showing real enjoyment and wonder in an aesthetically rich way.

To bring Canada to life, TCO used its global network of journalists, to source local influencers from the campaign's key markets. We created a mix of micro-influencers like rock climbers and designers, through to mainstream influencers like UK food vlogger, John Quilter to Channel 4's 'First Dates' celebrity Fred Sirieix.

Careful to suit each influencer's video style, TCO ensured our creative slotted effortlessly into their existing content collection. We followed each of them on an authentic journey of discovery, all the while showcasing the incredible beauty and vast diversity of Canada through the videos' diverse backdrops. Across 100 films, our content has spanned food, sport, fashion, adventure and more, each looking cinematic while retaining our influencers unique energy. 

Data usagein the consumer path-to-purchase delivered valuable learnings in the content’s creative approach. For example, historic data showed British travellers were passionate about food discovery in their research process, which aided influencer selection and seeding environments for the content. The selected influencers then simply shared and promoted the content directly to their social followers. 

A paid media spend, coordinated by OMD, was made using a combination of YouTube advertising and key media partnerships with the likes of The Guardian, Daily Mail and Die Ziet, encouraging consumers to view multiple pieces of content based on their individual interests and behaviours. In this way we met the target audience at crucial points in their decision making journey, within the right and trusted environments, to positively influence each consumer's path to purchase.

A Google retargeting strategy also served additional content to those who were engaging with the campaign's content and drove them towards our content hub. In this way the campaign was able to track numbers driving through to the site, and ultimately to final bookings.


For the first time in a decade Canada's growth outpaced global travel growth by 80%. 7.5% vs 4.4%, which means Canada is growing its market share.

We inspired the audience with exciting content:

  • 3,000 miles travelled on production and 100 peices of video content produced
  • 205k + viewing hours
  • 200M reach
  • 30M video views, of which 6M were organic
  • 50 million+ content views on Facebook (including stills)
  • 520k+ visits to our content hub , including 30% return visitors.
  • Doubled Instagram audience from 250k to 500k

The campaign successfully drove travellers to Canada:

  • Generated $231M+ in additional tourism revenue (67:1 ROI)
  • 190k content viewers booked trips to Canada
  • A further 40k travellers converted via trade partners
  • YOY Q4 searches relevant to Canada increased by 26%
  • 7.9% increase in visitor growth from marketed countries
  • 15% brand lift

Awards to date: 

  • Winner M&M Global Best Growth Strategy
  • Winner M&M Best Use of Data,
  • WARC Media Awards Gold, Best Use of Data
  • Travel Marketing Awards Silver Best Use of Content Marketing
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