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'Truth & Movies' hits 2,000,000 listens


Having hit the 2M listens mark, here is what our audience has said about our Little White Lies podcast:

“Classy Film Magazine becomes the best film podcast. I've listened to a lot of podcasts since practically the dawn of their popularity, and I've never found a movie-related series (outside of "The Flop House") that isn't either pseudo-intellectually insufferable or a lowbrow backlash to anything that isn't openly genre-specific. I'm only a handful of episodes into Little White Lies' "Truth & Movies" and I already feel comfortable calling it the best. You may not agree with every opinion 100% of the time, but what a delight to hear pop cultural conversation and criticism in which the panelists/host are completely diplomatic (and even—gasp!—interpersonal) toward one another in lieu of discourteously awaiting their turn to soliloquize. I'm no authority in declaring what definite truth there is in movies, but LWL's excellent show is dazzling evidence the two can at least coincide.”

”Insightful commentary accompanied by one of the best voices in the podcasting game”

“Rounded , less militant and more entertaining than the technically obsessed Cracked and Bechdel Cast , and great film club reviews , which digs out loads of films you might have missed first time round.

Bindi Kaufmann