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Selfridges Skate Bowl... the Build

Here is what went in to The Mighty Mighty’s build of Selfridges Skate bowl, the only free wooden skate bowl in the UK


•  The number of hours to design components in 2D & 3D for build. – 320 hrs (40 days)

•  The number of hours to make components in workshop – 720 hrs (90 days)

•  The number of hours to build on site – 2,400 hrs (45 days across a building team of up to 8 people)

•  The number of fixings used – 30,000 • the number of metres of CNC (computer numerical control) cutting of plywood – 5,000 metres

•  Length of steel coping – 40 metres

•  Area of bowl – 95 sqm

•  Riding height from ground of low section – 1.45 metres (4’ 9”)

•  Riding height from ground of low section – 2.12 metres (6’ 11.5”)

•  Weight – 6 tons