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RESIST! How to Be an Activist in the Age of Defiance


The indispensable how-to guide for people looking to make a stand. 


One positive about Donald Trump is how his actions have mobilised people to make a stand. over 12 years of documenting culture, Huck has always championed personal stories of people looking to make change. Now we are proud to be publishing a book that we believe will be an indispensable how-to guide for people looking to RESIST! 

The book features advice, practical tips and inspirational stories from those who have already successfully stood up and made a difference. Learn the principles of direct action, discover strategies for tackling social media, unearth ideas for motivating others, and understand how to get access to the people in power and get your message across.

The foreword by columnist, campaigner and best-selling author Owen Jones unravels the political world and underlines why now is the time to act. 

Published by Laurence King - The book is available for pre-order through Amazon & will be released August 27, 2018.

Huck celebrates people and movements that paddle against the flow. For over a decade the magazine has documented the activists, creatives and artists who have shaped movements and scenes across the world as they unfold. 

Michael Segalov, the author of RESIST!, is a journalist based in London with an interest in activism, youth culture and current affairs. He is News Editor at Huck and is a regular contributor to publications including The Guardian, The Independent and VICE.