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Pivot Points: Stories of Change, a branded content series for Kodak Ektra

"If the world can see, the world can change"

Pivot Points: Stories of Change is a series of photo stories, taking Huck photographers to the people and places who refuse to accept the status quo. Shot entirely on the Kodak Ektra Smartphone, each story throws up unexpected lessons for the shooter behind the lens.

The world has never been so challenging. And in this age of deepening divides, photography has never been so important.

With more images being made than ever before, photographers who choose to place themselves at the pivot points of change – capturing grassroots movements as they form and rise – help us all bear witness to the stories that really matter. By placing themselves out on the frontlines, they undergo a metamorphosis of their own – taking invaluable lessons from every story they experience, capture and share.

Follow along as they embark on journeys of self-discovery, meeting change-makers who are fighting for a better future, and heading out into the real world with burning questions of their own.