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The Mighty Mighty x Nike SB: SLS Global Skate Team Event


Connecting London’s young skates with their heroes. 

The same day of the official Mighty-Mighty launch we organised an open signing for the Nike SB global skate team, who were in town to compete in the first SLS event held in the UK.

Hosted at London’s longest serving independent skate shop, Slam City Skates, the evening put the capital’s skaters side by side with some the best skate athletes in the world including Shane O’Neill, Luan De Oliveira, Sean Malto, Dashawn Jordan, Leticia Bufoni, Yuto Horigome and Youness Amrani for an evening of good vibes and stoked skaters.

Skateboarding doesn’t do barriers - it ollies them.

Regardless of age, gender, race or language, skaters come together and connect every single day through a shared love of what they do. There are very few sports that celebrate diversity in the way skateboarding does, attracting creative, free-thinking individuals who use an urban environment and civic planning as their playing field. When security guards and police are the constant reminder, that even though it’s now an Olympic sport, we are barely tolerated and kicked out of skate spots, the various minority scenes that make up skaters are truly supportive of each other through shared experiences.

While boards, prints and trainers were signed (as well as the occasional human torso), this was more than an evening of autographs. It was about connecting people through the simple power of rolling sideways. After all, that’s why we do it.