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Mary Poppins - Bloody Good Period, a true Christmas story of empowerment and kindness

TCO London produced The ‘Beyond the Screen’ series of six short films for Facebook, which were screened nationwide at Everyman cinema’s and across mainstream media.  The films shine a light on some truly inspirational groups of people using Facebook to congregate, demonstrating how social media can bring about positive change IRL.

From today one of these films Bloody Good Period, will be shown nationwide before screenings of sure-fire holiday hit Mary Poppins Returns, going live exactly 1 year on from The Pink Protest march to end period poverty.

This incredible opportunity will allow women (and men) across mixed generation family groups, to be educated on a cause affecting poor, homeless and refugee women in the UK in a relaxed environment.  

Our hope is it provokes debate and viewers can explore the power of community, the ideas of stepping outside yourself, and unexpected kindnesses, which result in women empowering other women that both Mary and Gabby Edlin of Bloody Good Period embody.

Whether the new incarnation of Poppins is a feminist has divided critics but she definitely teaches the idea of empathy for others, and one of her edicts definitely ring true “one changes others by changing one’s behaviour around them”.

Bloody Good Period: A Human Right

Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Edlin, who wanted to increase the number of food banks and asylum seeker drop-in centres providing feminine hygiene products. What started as a whip-round online is now a growing enterprise and activist group with a vision to end period poverty once and for all.

This film, Directed by Shelley Jones, was commissioned by Facebook to celebrate inspirational communities that have used Facebook to start, grow and bring their communities together and demonstrate how social media can bring about positive change in the real world.