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LWLies 69 – The Free Fire Issue

Little White Lies have dedicated their latest print edition to the hardboiled mayhem of Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire, in which the British writer/director gathers up a coterie of charismatic chums and has them shoot one another in a filthy, abandoned factory.

The film is proof (were it needed) of Wheatley’s mastery of the film medium, particularly the way he’s able to produce breathtaking screen fireworks from the most rudimentary of materials.

In this new issue of LWLies, Wheatley takes us on a magical mystery tour of Brighton, where the film was shot, while telling the story of how he got to where he is today. Little White Lies in turn took inspiration from the film’s high-octane thrills to explore the outer expanses of this terribly entertaining, single set stand-off.

The cover was created by LWLies Creative Director Timba Smits, who drew inspiration from the short-lived 1970s kids comic ‘Action’, which delivered visceral violence to a generation of knee-highs.