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Huck x The North Face: She Moves Mountains

The explorer archetype is male. 

We want to create a new archetype: 

she’s a woman, 

she’s badass — 

AND she will inspire the next generation of female explorers...


In this groundbreaking editorial partnership between Huck and The North Face, we tap into incredible stories of women who are literally moving mountains as they conquer the outdoor world.

Through original content, combining beautiful motivation stories and photography on women who are redefining what it means to go outside and explore, we will offer inspiration to an audience of millions of women.

Huck is born out of adventure and lifestyle, and has been committed to documenting incredible women who are moving the needle and changing both sport and culture to create a world where female voices are heard. As Google research shows 53% of women believe “ad campaigns have a strong influence on how women are perceived in society”,  we believe brands are an important part of the conversation.

Our first feature tells the story of Fernanda Maciel, who set a world record when she summited Argentina’s Aconcagua mountain, because she was the first female to ever run the entire way. But for a woman who grew up in a family of fighters, running up mountains is all in a day’s work — and the stuff of dreams.

The second feature tells the story of Ashima, a 17 year old who is changing gender stereotypes through being a badass climber.  

The third feature tells the story of Megan Hine is a survival expert who consults on TV shows like The Island. She may be the only woman in her field, says longtime friend Bear Grylls, but she’s stronger than 99% of the guys.

Our forth feature tells the story of Carly Wilford, The DJ who took a u-turn to follow her dream in life. Carly had it all – from the perfect house to the successful business. But something was missing. Now, as a DJ bridging the gender divide, she’s found her calling.