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Huck x Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner


Huck and Nike have collaborated on the Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign (RIP Nike LDNR), to celebrate London teens whose lives have been transformed by their commitment to dance and sport.

Huck's editorial access to youth culture demonstrate through regular reporting on stories like BIKELIFE, give a level of authority and credibility in this space which Nike used both to source talent for their iconic Nike LDNR promo, as well as in our ongoing partnership which gives context to the characters who featured. The content is being distributed to Huck audiences and white label across the brands social channels and apps. 


Kerri-Ann 'Boo' Morrison travels 3 hours a day to dance practice, every day of the week, entirely off her own back. She is one of many extraordinary teens celebrated in Nothing Beats a Londoner, a new series from Huck in collaboration with Nike.