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Out Now: Huck 69 The Hedonist Issue

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The best thing about pushing things too far is coming out of the experience with a story to tell, a lesson to share.

So at a time when people are fed up with chaos and confusion, Huck are shining a light on moments of gratification that really matter: from activists fighting for their rights to artists who’ve found identity through escapism.

There’s nothing new about living on the edge. But to zoom in on the lines connecting sex, drugs and rock’n’roll is to find voices worth listening to: a generation of innovators who have learned the hard way.

Our exclusive with Mac De Marco, who shared his first public comments about the Mitski controversy generated 50K+ views in 24 hours and it’s still ticking over. Covered in Pitchfork, The Fader, Spin, Yahoo, Nylon and many more, fans have been calling it his most open interview ever.

Inside the issue…


Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco made his name as the ‘lovable prince of indie rock’: a chain-smoking, whiskey-fuelled joker who can’t help having fun on the road. Yet after 10 years of singing about growing up, he’s become a homebody just trying to keep his head screwed on.



EarthGang is a larger-than-life hip hop duo with a simple aim: telling stories that represent real life in Atlanta while pushing what that sounds like to the outer limits.


Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill became so famous, so young, that he had to figure himself out in public. Having spent the last few years making his directorial debut – a coming-of-age portrait of reckless teen skaters in 1990s LA – the 35-year-old has realised just how much negativity got inside his head along the way.


The Art of Intimacy

Horiren 1st is one of the world’s most sought-after tattoo artists, celebrated for keeping the ancient Japanese method of Tebori alive. Yet in a country where body art is stigmatised, her journey to the top has been far from easy.