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How to Canada with Sophie Sellu and Jenny Jones


Can a country become a verb? 

Building off TCO’s award-winning work to promote Canada, tourism promotion agency Destination Canada challenged us to create an emotion-driven, multi-episode digital video series that would inspire UK travellers (and the rest of the world) to dream about travelling to Canada.

That’s when we asked ourselves: How do you “Canada”? What kind of experiences and activities would you do? By teaching travellers to “Canada,” could we help them travel deeper and make more of their trip?

The result was “How To Canada,” a seven-part series of fun, fast episodes (designed to encourage people to watch to the end – and more than one episode). In two minutes and 30 seconds, each episode combines three narratives: a story about personal growth, a destination guide and a lesson in how to do a great Canadian travel experience.

To bring it all to life, we tapped into Huck’s network to find amazing explorers, including Olympic bronze medalist Jenny Jones (the UK’s most successful snowboarder), film director and writer Nosa Eke (a rising BFI-BAFTA star) and artisan-entrepreneur Sophie Sellu (whose brand Grain & Knot won a national ideas competition judged by Diane von Furstenburg and GQ’s Dylan Jones). 

The trio of explorers did a coast-to-coast relay, axe-throwing, canoe-making, gig-going, art-appreciating, mountain-biking, horse-riding and lobster-eating. Basically learning with us “How To Canada.”