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TCO London launch first branded podcast, hosted by sub-culture icon Don Letts


Joining the Dots with Don Letts

Adding an audio element to our recent Spaces In-Between publication, we’ve enlisted the help of cultural encyclopaedia Don Letts to curate a monthly podcast exploring the various levels of information found within art, music and fashion. Don Letts has been part of so many subcultural movements over the last forty years - from punk and funk to ska, soul and reggae. Who better to join the dots and paint a picture of the now?

In a series of Spaces In-Between podcasts, Don sits down and chats with a new generation of people creating culture in their own image. The artists, writers, musicians, DJ’s, and filmmakers.

Season one consists of six episodes, the first of which features an intimate conversation between Don and soulful vocalist Cosima at Don's West London residence.

They talk about growing up in London and Cosima's outlook on eclectic music genre’s from a young age. Both share a love of directing visuals, and it’s interesting to hear opinions on the same subjects from two different generations.

Listen and subscribe to Joining The Dots on iTunes, or Acast now.