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TCO and Huck launch 'Heightened Senses' with Canvas and The Arts Council

Heightened Senses is a collaborative video series between Huck, Canvas and the The Arts Council England, showcasing young artists determined to rewrite the rules of artistic engagement.

Digital Feels - Canvas and Huck present Lucy Hardcastle. Join Lucy on a sensory journey into the world of glass. In a world ruled by screens, we explore the idea of combining technology with tangible experiences. We touch glass every day of our lives thanks to the omnipresent screen but it rarely makes us feel. for the best experience plug your headphones into your ears and hold on tight.

Why I Shred - got something on your mind? Stick it in the shredder. Canvas and Huck present Cara Mills. Cara makes machines that make art for her. She's interested in ideas and in particular what makes some ideas good and some bad. In this work, it ultimately doesn't matter.