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Huck 60 – The Outsider Issue

At one point or another, we are all outsiders. Sticking together just makes us feel less alone.

But outliers, in our view, are a cause for celebration. Without a lone figure, there is no challenge to the pack. There is no alternative to the ideas and beliefs that, deep down, we know make no sense.

And yet, some people choose to see mavericks not as thought-leaders but as threats. They strip away all the layers that make them so powerful and real, distilling their wild and unique traits into something simple that can be tamed.

Gay man. Refugee. Juvenile delinquent. Stranger, immigrant, alien. The true outsider rejects these labels. They do not apologise for who they are. They take ownership of their ‘otherness’ and refuse to shrink themselves in any way.

Huck's latest issue circles the outer limits to meet anti-heroes living on the fringes of society: from the metalheads of Botswana to the teen rebels of Iran. Head to now to take an exclusive look inside #Huck60. 

Bindi Kaufmann