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Huck’s 'Valley of a Thousand Hills' wins Golden Gate Award at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival

The San Francisco Film Festival jury noted:

“This film is a moving, refreshing, and unexpected portrait of a section of the culture of South Africa, feeling so far away geographically but so easy to relate to emotionally.

We were drawn into the ease and dynamics of the kids’ friendships. The authenticity of the storytelling from its young subjects helped create a deeper connection to the audience. It was hopeful, inspiring, reassuring, and visually stunning.

We feel audience members of a wide range of ages can walk away with a lasting impression that captures the simplicity of childhood layered with life lessons on focus, respect, and friendship.”

Valley of a Thousand Hills was awarded the 2017 Golden Gate for Best Family Film by a panel of judges including Common Sense Media Editor-in-chief Jill Murphy, author Jim Averbeck, and educator Alexandre Petrakis.

Hidden within rural Durban, South Africa in the Valley Of A Thousand Hills, Indigo Skate Camp is home to the village's very first generation of skaters, who are growing up with a different outlook on life from their elders. Directed by Jessica Colquhoun, the film was made by TCO London for their youth culture brand Huck. 

This award adds to the films recognition across the US, South Africa and Brazil, as well as being featured as a Vimeo staff pick and on National Geographic. 

Winner, Best Script, Mimpi Film Festival 2016
Official Selection, Harlem International Film Festival 2017
Official Selection, 5Point Festival 2017
Official Selection, Wavescape Festival 2016
Official Selection, Time and Tide Film Festival 2016
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