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Huck 58: The Offline Issue - The ideal therapy to tackle your digital fatigue


After a year of shit-storms, The Offline Issue gets back to basics by unplugging from the internet and diving into the real world. Reflecting on an increasing number of people who are suffering from digital fatigue and turning their backs on social media.

In years to come, people may ask: where were you in 2016? Did you vote for the first female president of the United States, or did you help elect Donald Trump? Did you choose to cut ties with Europe, or did you fight for a united future?

2016 is the year the world split in two, and everyone was forced to pick a side. After a gruelling year – of lost hope, false news and deepening divides – the echo chamber that we helped create has imploded and burst our bubble.

In this issue, we’re saying sayonara to social media. We’re closing our screens, putting down our phones and jumping head-first into the real world.

We’ll meet people who go under the radar to find fulfilment, and spotlight those who champion tangible experiences above all else.

It’s time to turn off, tune in and drop out… to go off-the-grid and way offline.